Dr Sandra entered her office a bit later than usual. Her husband suddenly had a toothache. He’s only an adult in name – but was afraid of the dentist. Continue reading



Gibbs entered the auditorium in the evening with a bit of fear. Okay, that was a lie – he was really frightful. Ever since Deepa’s case, as far as Gibbs knew, nobody dared to enter the auditorium. It was temporarily barred from entry and no one could use it. There were rumours saying that the school wanted to demolish it and build a new one on another piece of land. But since there was already a gymnasium being built there, the auditorium would only be renovated. Continue reading


Ray returned to his room after finishing rehearsal that night. The matter of a heroine backing off at the last minute wasn’t a new thing. But no matter what, the show must go on. After persuading someone new with a potential to take the role, what’s left was some extra practice. Continue reading